Bridal Appointment Tips     



Start looking to try on wedding gowns when you are ready to buy.

If you start looking too early you may fall in love with a gown that could be discontinued & therefore no longer available when you are ready to purchase.


Be open to try on different styles as they may surprise you!


Be advised that dress designers frequently discontinue styles so if you love the gown don't be scared to say Yes to your dream dress!

Please no food or drink to be taken into the boutique & no photography.



How will you know when you have found the perfect gown?

Well thats pretty simple - you'll know just as you knew when you found the love of your life!

 You'll feel a million dollars and won't want to take it off.

Some brides feel emotional, whilst others its a methodical process of elimination.

What is absolutely essential is that when you have found the one, you stop looking and trust that feeling!

Most importantly - Enjoy every moment of being a bride!  

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